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The Embedded Entrepreneur — Audiobook

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This is the DRM-free audiobook version of The Embedded Entrepreneur by Arvid Kahl.

About the book

Too many businesses start with a big idea and ultimately fail because nobody wants to pay for their product. What are they missing? The Audience-Driven approach of an Embedded Entrepreneur.

Instead of building solutions looking for customers, Embedded Entrepreneurs find customers and build a solution with them. They join communities, observe, participate and take these learnings and transform them into products people need and businesses customers love.

If you want to find your future customers, discover how you can help them, and build an audience while growing your business, I invite you to become an Embedded Entrepreneur.

When you begin building your business with your future audience in mind, the guesswork ends. The Audience-Driven approach of an Embedded Entrepreneur is the path to a sustainable, customer-centric business.

You can learn more about the book on

About this audiobook

The audiobook is 06 hours, 42 minutes, and 57 seconds long. It has 39 chapters and comes both as a single mp4 file and as 39 mp3 files.

The Audible version of this book is currently being published. I will add a link to it here once it's available.

🛠 The Embedded Entrepreneur's Toolkit

In addition to the (audio)book, I have created a Notion-based toolkit that contains spreadsheets, lists, and additional content that supplements the book. I have added several of my own research spreadsheets with my research data to this toolkit.

This is a part of the Notion page you'll receive when you purchase both the book and the toolkit.

Here are a few things you'll find in there:

  • Audience Discovery Spreadsheet (+Arvid's version)
  • Bonus Practical Tips and Lists for the 5-Step Audience Discovery Guide
  • Problem Discovery Tracking Sheet (+Arvid's version)
  • Audience Audition Influencer Tracking Sheet (+Arvid's version)
  • Weekly Audience-Building Schedule Checklist
  • Problem Frequency Tracking Sheet
  • Opportunity Resource Tracking Sheet
  • Competition Tracking Sheet


Is there an eBook version of the book?

Sure! You'll find it here on Gumroad.

Is there a print version of the book?

Absolutely. You can find a link to your Amazon store of choice on the book's website.

You said there's Purchasing Power Parity Pricing, right?

Yes! You'll find the coupons for that on the landing page at A bar will pop up on top of the screen after a few seconds, providing you with a coupon code depending on your location. Here's how PPPP works.

Is the toolkit part of the book? Can I read the book without it?

The toolkit is an additional product for those who want to use the same spreadsheets that I used in the past. It's not part of the book, and you can read the book without purchasing the toolkit. It just makes things a bit easier once you start your entrepreneurial journey.

I already own the audiobook and I want the toolkit. What do I do?

Head over to the eBook page and get the "Just the Toolkit" option.

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The Embedded Entrepreneur — Audiobook

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