Zero to Sold, the Audiobook — Anniversary Edition

Arvid Kahl
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This is the special, one-year anniversary edition of the audiobook for Zero to Sold.

In fact, it's the first time I ever release my best-selling book as a DRM-free audiobook. And since this is a special edition, I added a 15-minute preface that is read by… me!

The book itself is narrated by Derek Botten, a professional voice actor. He is very good. The preface is narrated by me. You'll like that too, I promise. I share the journey of the book and how it has been received by the founder community.

About the book

Zero to Sold recounts the story of FeedbackPanda, a bootstrapped Software-as-a-Service business that I co-founded and grew from zero to $55,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue in under two years — and then sold for a life-changing amount.

You will learn how to start, run, and sell your own bootstrapped business.

This book is my attempt to share what I learned over a decade of trying to build startups without sounding like I've figured out everything, now that I had some success. I share my learnings in the context of what we tried, how it worked, and how it didn't — more often than not.

You can learn more about the book on

About this audiobook

The audiobook is 11 hours, 3 minutes, and 54 seconds long. It has 29 chapters and comes both as a single mp4 file and as 29 mp3 files.

This version of the audiobook will only ever be available here on Gumroad. It's a special treat that I released for the first anniversary of Zero to Sold. Enjoy!

(If you're looking for the regular version of the audiobook that's available on Audible and a lot of other platforms, you'll find that on the Zero to Sold website.)

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