Find Your Following — a Twitter Audience-Building Course

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I’ve built a highly engaged and loyal audience of over 110.000 on Twitter — on purpose and strategically, with kindness and empathy. You can do this, too.

In this course, I will teach you my approach to finding your following on Twitter. You will leverage engagement, empowerment, and providing valuable content while being yourself.

You’ll learn the why, how, and what of building businesses, projects, and relationships in public by growing a following. A following that sticks around.

Two Formats for Two Kinds of Learners

This course comes as

  • Find your Following Essentials: a 7-day course with 15min of videos every day, 1h overall
  • Find your Following: a full 4h20min video course diving into many more topics (includes Essentials)

Find your Following Essentials will jumpstart your Twitter audience-building journey. You'll get a structured week-long course, both as a cloneable Notion document and a daily email.

The full Find your Following course will teach your how to build an audience, how to build in public, and find your following.

The course is full of examples and frameworks. Take a peek!

Find your Following will teach you to:

  • Discover your core values
  • Discover what your future audience comes to Twitter for
  • Find and follow the most important people in your field quickly
  • Audition in front of large audiences to attract the right followers
  • Write engaging tweets to convert prospects into followers
  • Use Twitter lists effectively
  • Optimize your Twitter profile for maximum conversion — bio, name, handle, banner, avatar, pinned tweet, and more
  • What to tweet to build in public effectively (including dozens of Tweet templates)
  • How to structure your time on Twitter for the most impact

Here’s a sample from the engagement section of the course:

Course Materials

The course comes with a treasure trove of templates and other additional documents:

  • 20+ Tweet templates to use for building your audience
  • Build-in-Public content cheat sheet when you run out of ideas
  • Audience Audition checklist
  • Business Idea Discovery and Tracking sheet
  • Links to the best Twitter tools for scheduling, analytics, and ideation
  • Links to the best productivity tools to use while building a following
  • The course slides (in high quality)
  • Book and resource recommendations
  • A spreadsheet with all 42.000(!) of my Tweets of over six years with all engagement metrics — for you to analyze and inspect


Does the full course include the Find your Following Essentials?


Do the Find your Following Essentials include the full course?


What kind of course is this?

Find your Following is a self-paced video-based course. In four lessons that span 4 hours and 20 minutes, I teach everything I know about growing a following on Twitter.

What course is this not?

This is not a grow-your-brand-quickly course. There will be no growth hacks. No get-rich-quick BS. Find your Following is rooted in honesty and long-term thinking.

If you’re looking for shortcuts, don’t buy this course.

What's a Twitter teardown?

Here's an example: — I dive deeply into your current Twitter profile and tell you what the immediate next steps are to grow your following. I also sprinkle in a few long-term strategies.

If you want to buy ONLY the teardown without the course, you can find that here:

What's the turnaround on the teardown videos?

You will receive a video within a week (5 work days.) — usually within a day or two. If you don't, please reach out to for an update.

You said there's Purchasing Power Parity Pricing, right?

Yes! You'll find the coupons for that on the landing page at A bar will pop up on top of the screen after a few seconds, providing you with a coupon code depending on your location. Here's how PPPP works.

Can I become an affiliate for this?

Sure thing. Let me know here.

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A four-hour video course, access to a Twitter-audience-builder community, lots of course materials, and all 42.000 of Arvid's Tweets in a spreadsheet.

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Find Your Following — a Twitter Audience-Building Course

93 ratings
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